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Glass being the most oldest form of spectacle lens, however is not suitable for all types of frame mounts. Glass being brittle, they are prone to break in rimless frames and chip in half frames.Glass however has many advantages like they have the highest ABBE Value i.e, they provide the best clarity, with minimum aberrations and can be manufactured with the highest refractive index i.e can be made very thin even than any other material.With the invent of half frames and the Rimless, newer materials like Cr39 or Plastic were introduced. Polycarbonate became very popular in short time because of its very high impact resistance to breakage. High index or polyurethane materials were used for higher powers, and then came the MR series of materials which took the world by storm, due to its high abbe value and good impact resistance properties. Futher R&D resulted in Asperic, and Dual Aspheric materials from the Japanese counterparts like Nikon. These lenses improved the peripheral vision and reduced chromatic aberration, apart from making the lenses thinner and flatter.Pin Cushion and Barrel shaped distortions were minimized, which gave the spectacle wearer a clean and neat look with spectacles.

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