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In today’s world selection of Spectacle frames is based on fashion and what is in, rather than selecting them based on facial measurements or power considerations. For instance there has been an upsurge in the use of Plastic frames which are more bold and colorful, especially the Wayfarer shapes which were made for sunglass wear.It is upto the designers imagination that crafts the frame and its color combination. 

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For higher Myopic prescriptions, the recommended frame shape is to have curved edges esp ovals, and to keep the frame size to a minimum keeping in mind the customers face. Curved frames with a high facial wrap should also be avoided to reduce aberration and prismatic effect.Progressive lens users should avoid Aviator shaped frames and small frames to enhance better reading.Plastic (Acetate Material) frames are recommended for kids as acetate shell frames are more robust and with stand the poor handling of kids.Lower bridge on the frame enables the frame to sit high on the kids face, making them view through the glasses and not above them.


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