• Sports Band: These bands are mainly used by kids to avoid the spectacles sliding on their faces, and helps them to view through the spectacles lenses.
    Adults too use these bands to keep the frame secure on the face during sporting activities
  • Rope: Ropes holds the spectacles by hanging them from the neck when not in use, these are mainly used by people who do not require glasses for distance and use them while reading.
  • Cleaning sprays: Cleaning sprays are very essential to clean the spectacle lenses without them getting scratched. Theses sprays removes the smudges, oil and dust very easily without abrading the surface of the spectacles lenses, increasing the life of the spectacles.
    Cleaning sprays needs to be used once every day for crystal clear vision and improves the life of the spectacle lenses.
  • Multi Purpose keychain Set: This is a very convenient accessory which has a minus and a plus screw driver, a bolt and nut tightner. This is very popular and is generally a part of any travel kit.


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